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[팟캐스트](58) 자사고 폐지 논란 외 2건


1. 자사고 폐지 논란

서울시교육청이 서울 내 자사고 14개교 중 8개교를 지정 취소하겠다고 밝힌 가운데, 교육부에서 서울시의 협의 요청을 반려하겠다고 밝혔다. 이로서 자사고를 둘러싼 진보교육감과 중앙정부간의 갈등이 점점 깊어지고 있다.

Round 2 begins in elite school row

[1] Seoul education authorities and the government dug their heels in further over the issue of autonomous private high schools, with the former pushing to cancel their independent status and the latter insisting on retaining it.

*dig one‘s heels in : 자기의 의견[입장]을 고집하다, 완강하게 버티다 (adamant 의지가 완강한)
*autonomous private high school: 자율형 사립고등학교 (특목고 special-purpose high school, 일반고 regular school)
*push to: ~를 강행하다
*retain: 유지하다

[2] An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education left for the Education Ministry Tuesday to seek governmental consent over the SMOE’s decision Monday to turn eight of 14 autonomous schools in Seoul into regular schools.

*left for: ~를 향해 떠나다
*consent: 동의 (= agreement)
*turn A into B: A를 B로 바꾸다

[3] The announcement was made on the heels of the ministry saying that it will not approve of any request by the Seoul office to strip the schools of their status. The SMOE had claimed that a comprehensive evaluation revealed that the cited schools failed to meet the required standards. 

*on the heels of : ~ 직후에 (= immediately after~)
*strip A of B: A에게서 B를 박탈하다 (= revoke A of B)
*comprehensive: 종합적인
*evaluation: 평가 (evaluate 평가하다 = assessment)

[4] The conflicting announcements heralded further altercations between the Education Ministry and Seoul Education Superintendent Cho Hi-yeon.

*conflicting: 서로 대립되는
*altercation: 의견대립, 논쟁 (= dispute, conflict)
*herald: ~를 알리다, ~를 예고하다


2. 윤일병 사건 가해병사, 살인죄 적용

후임병을 구타해 사망에 이르게 한 병사 네 명에게 최근 군 사령부 검찰부가 살인죄를 적용하기로 했다. 당국은 가해병사들이 구타로 인해 사망에 이를 것을 충분히 예상할 수 있었는데도 구타를 계속했기 때문이라고 설명했다.

Prosecution files murder charges against 4 soldiers in abuse case

[1]The Army prosecution decided to file murder charges against four soldiers who allegedly beat a private first class to death in April, officials said Tuesday, reversing its initial stance that manslaughter charges should be leveled against them.

*prosecution: 검찰
*file charges: 고소하다, 고발하다 (= press charges against)
*reverse: (입장 등을) 바꾸다(= change)
*level against: ~에게 혐의를 씌우다, 비난하다

[2] The prosecutorial department of the Third Army said that considering the defendants had better-than-average medical knowledge as they used to be students of medicine-related colleges, they might have predicted that their beatings could cause the PFC, surnamed Yun, to die.

*defendent: 피고 (원고 plaintiff)
*beatings: 구타 (= physical abuse 신체적인 학대)

[3] “Although the defendants were aware that Yun was in very poor health condition on the day of the crime (due to their beatings), their cruel beatings continued,” said Col. Kim Jin-gi, the legal chief of the Third Army, during a press briefing.

*day of the crime: 범행당일
*health conditions: 건강상태


3. 유명 연예인 누드 사진 유출

아카데미상 수상자 제니퍼 로렌스를 포함한 여러 유명인사의 누드 사진이 해킹후 노출되어 논란이 일고 있다. 이를 두고 피해자 중 한명인 로렌스가 최근 당국에 사건을 조사해달라고 요청했다.

Jennifer Lawrence requests nude pictures investigation

[1] Jennifer Lawrence has contacted authorities to investigate who stole and posted nude images of her online, a publicist for the Oscar-winning actress said.

*authorities: 당국
*investigate: 조사하다 (= look into, probe) (investigation 조사 = inquiry)
*post: 게시하다 (= put up)

[2] Intimate images of Lawrence, who stars in “The Hunger Games” film franchise and won an Academy Award for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook,” began appearing online Sunday. Naked images purporting to be of other female stars were also posted, although the authenticity of many couldn’t be confirmed. The source of the leak was unclear.

*intimate: 개인적인, 사적인, 친밀한 
*star in~: ~에 주연을 맡다 (appear in ~에 출연하다)
*purporting to be: ~라고 알려진 (supposedly ~로 추정되는)
*authenticity: 진위성 (authentic 진짜인 = genuine)

[3] “This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” Lawrence’s publicist Liz Mahoney wrote in a statement.

*flagrant: 노골적으로 악의가 있는