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Richie’s SAT Essay

Body Paragraph 1:

Develop Story:

Describe a story/example/reading that relates to part 1 of the essay prompt.

Example: I was a high achiever in middle school. At the end of seventh grade, for example, I remember we held an awards ceremony at my school to award students who had performed particularly well the previous year. One award after another was given to me ― much to the dismay of my brother (who was also eligible for awards) and many of my classmates. My parents were thrilled, however, and, at the end of the night, I was left with nearly a fourth of all the awards that were given out among all of my classmates. That night left my head in the clouds, and I was left in a dreamy state which deprived me of the memory of how I had achieved such success: hard work and motivation.

Body Paragraph 2:

Continue Story:

Continue your original story/example/reading in a way that progresses to part 2 of the essay prompt.

Example: By the time I was in high school, however, things began to change. I had transferred to a public high school (whereas before, I was in a private academy), and had many new challenges to face. Among these challenges were academics; by the time tenth grade rolled around, I was not even in the top 20% of my class. I remember, one fateful day, looking at the rankings of my fellow students, shocked, and wondering why I had fallen so far from “grace.” Yet, the answer was obvious: my prior success in academics had given me such false confidence that I never spent enough time studying anymore. I would wait until the day before a big test to begin studying, and barely cared to complete my homework assignments.