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JYJ Junsu to open luxurious hotel in Jejudo

JYJ member Junsu is to open a luxurious hotel on Jejudo Island, according to local reports Thursday.

“Junsu is to open a hotel on Jejudo Island on Sept. 25. It has always been his dream to open a special hotel, and he specifically selected Jejudo as the location,” an official from his agency C-JeS Entertainment was quoted as saying.

The hotel will reportedly be named “Toscana Boutique Hotel.” Junsu has invested 28.5 billion won in the hotel over four years.

Comprised of 61 guest rooms in four villas, the total area of the hotel is estimated to be 21,026 square meters. 

The exterior is reported to depict a medieval European castle, with modern and classic designs in the guest rooms. The hotel will also have restaurants, bars, a barbeque plaza, gift shops and an outdoor swimming pool.

“While having many overseas projects, I enjoyed various natural landscapes. When I first visited Jejudo, I could not forget its beauty and wanted to build a place of my dreams,” Junsu was quoted as saying.

“As I had mentioned in my overseas tour interview, I like palm trees and the ocean. That is why I put a lot of effort in the design of the outdoor swimming pool and ocean view from the hotel. This is a new challenge for me,” he added.

The singer is also to share the profits of the new business with the less fortunate.

“With the hotel’s profit, I would like to support the cost of air-conditioning and heating for those in need of help,” the artist said.

Junsu is currently participating in JYJ’s world tour “Return of the King,” and the musical “Dracula.”

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (

[Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment]