Top 5 unique dating sites in Korea

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  • Published : Aug 13, 2014 - 15:51
  • Updated : Aug 13, 2014 - 16:02

Couples in Korea are now tired of the stereotypical dates of “dinner, coffee and a movie.” Hence, many are looking for new ways to have fun. The Korea Herald introduces five unique dating sites in Korea for couples to try out.

1. Trick Eye Gallery

Trick Eye Gallery (Hongdae Trick Eye Gallery)
Located near Hongik University station, Trick Eye Gallery is an exhibition composed of artworks that makes 2-D art look 3-D.

By posing according to the instructions, you become part of the artwork. The gallery is especially popular among couples who love the opportunity to take a lot of pictures as special memories.

2. Ice Museum

Ice Museum (Hongdae Trick Eye Gallery)
The Ice Museum displays big sculptures and various works that people can sit or ride on. The place is especially popular in summer, packed with couples escaping the hot weather. 

The museum is located right next to the Trick Eye Gallery, allowing couples to visit both places at once.

3. Ring Village

Ring Village (MBC)
One of the top items that couples share are rings. Lately, many couples in Korea have chosen to make their own rings instead of buying extravagant ones.

With the instructor’s guidance, the couples measure each other’s size, cut the metal and make them into rings. Exchanging the rings they made for each other adds special memories to their token of love.

4. Couple Massage Therapy

Couple Massage Therapy (MBC)
Swamped with workloads at school or work, people now seek dates where they can break away from stress together.

Thus, places that offer couple massage therapy are gaining attention. By getting a professional massage right next to each other, couples relieve stress and tension and have a peaceful, quiet date.

5. Board Game Café

Board Games Cafe (123RF)
In Korea, cafés with hundreds of board games called board game cafés are steadily loved by couples in Korea.

For a relatively cheap price, people can enjoy various board games and have fun not just with their partner, but also with friends and family.

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