Art’s influence on film, fashion, music

By Lee Woo-young

Collaborative works enhance viewers’ understanding of art and creative process

  • Published : Aug 13, 2014 - 21:27
  • Updated : Aug 13, 2014 - 21:27
Art has inspired many areas of culture. Recently, designers, musicians and a filmmaker who seek inspiration from art have teamed up with artists for collaborative exhibitions.

The “Phantasmagoria” exhibition underway at Insa Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul, presents new painting series by celebrated pop artists Mari Kim and Kim Nam-pyo and two short films by filmmaker Min Byung-hun that trace the artists’ respective quests for creative inspiration.

Known for supernatural images of an unlikely mix of animals and man-made objects, artist Kim Nam-pyo exhibits his new painting series “Instant Landscape ― Androgyny.” Kim incorporates the traditional Korean landscape painting style into Western-style still life expressions of animals and wildlife. With the backdrop of waterfalls in washes of black paints detailed tigers and horses catch viewers’ attention.

Movie director Min traces Kim’s quest for inspiration in landscapes. His 25-minute silent film “Passage of Senses” documents Kim visiting diverse places such as a riverbank, a field, a mountain and a horse farm. The movie depicts the reality behind Kim’s surreal paintings. Each scene silently zooms in on different landscapes to highlight their visual features.

Pop artist Mari Kim, known for creating doll-eyed girl characters resembling those in Japanese anime, showcases new paintings in graffiti style. By adding more vivid colors and spontaneous street art, her paintings have become more free-spirited. Another movie about her, “Persona,” chronicles the artist’s life for 500 days.

Music is a hidden feature in this exhibition. Music by singer Hugh Keice and indie band We are the Night plays in the gallery. Although the music goes little noticed by the audience, songs intend to enhance viewers’ communication with the artworks. The two musicians plan to hold live concerts on Aug. 15 and 16 on a small stage in the gallery.

Fashion and art are two inseparable things for collaboration in this trend-savvy world. The “Contemporary Art and Fashion” exhibition at the Seongnam Arts Center highlights exchanges of artistic inspiration between artists and fashion designers.
A collaboration between fashion designer Lie Sang Bong and artist Chang Seung-hyo (Seongnam Arts Center)

Veteran fashion designer Lie Sang Bong joined hands with artist Chang Seung-hyo, who created a 12-meter catwalk out of glass infused with Lie’s important motifs in fashion design. The audience can view the designer’s creations while walking along the catwalk.

Fashion designer Chae Gyu-in and artist Jeong Mi-rae offer a performance that criticizes repeating fashion trends and overly dedicated fashion followers. Artists including celebrity-pop artist Nancy Lang present artworks incorporated with fashion elements. Fashion designers have the chance to present their fashion philosophy and designs in detail. Designer Lee Suk-tae of Kaal. E. Suktae shows his creations with his underlying fashion inspirations and philosophies. Shoe designer Lee Bo-hyun of Suecomma Bonnie gives the exhibition a entirely new look with an installation of shoes. 

The “Phantasmagoria” exhibition continues through Aug. 17 at Insa Art Center (www.insaartcenter.com), while “Contemporary art and Fashion” runs through Sept. 28 at Seongnam Arts Center (www.snart.or.kr).

By Lee Woo-young  (wylee@heraldcorp.com)