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Ahn Jae-hyun takes a bigger step through ‘You Are All Surrounded’

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Published : 2014-07-18 11:37
Updated : 2014-07-18 11:37

From a newbie to a rising star, the 27-year-old model Ahn Jae-hyun seems to have made progress as an actor.

Ahn was able to skillfully play the role of Park Tae-il, a member of the detective group P4 in the SBS drama “You Are All Surrounded.”

Ahn started his career as an actor on the popular SBS drama “My Love from the Star,” in which he played the brother of the lead actress Jun Ji-hyun. The drama ended in February, and “You Are All Surrounded” was his second project as an actor.

Park Tae-il is a mysterious character who has a lot of secrets. Yet, Ahn was able to successfully portray his character’s qualities and allow the viewers to see him functioning naturally in P4 along with other cast members.

The glowing model-actor has now become a rising star through two dramas, raising expectations about his next step as an actor.

The SBS drama “You Are All Surrounded” had its finale on Thursday.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

[Photo Credit: SBS]

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