Cheerleader Park Ki-ryang appears in TV show ‘Happy Together 3’

By 옥현주
  • Published : Jul 18, 2014 - 11:10
  • Updated : Jul 18, 2014 - 11:10
Korean cheerleader Park Ki-ryang made an appearance in the KBS-TV talk show “Happy Together 3,” captivating its hosts and guests with her volubility.   

The show that aired Thursday night featured Korean beauties including actress Cheon I-seul, Lady Jane, T-ara’s Jiyeon and others under the theme of “Goddess.” 


On the program, Park confessed that she had been asked out by baseball players five times, but she couldn’t date ballplayers. Dating ballplayers is not illegal, but not recommended in the industry, she added. 

Park also astonished the cast by revealing her flawless makeup-free face.

Park, a cheerleader for a Korean baseball team, recently gained fame online with her coke-bottle body-line and beautiful face.