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Published : 2014-07-14 20:47
Updated : 2014-07-14 20:47

Girls’ Generation. (SM Entertainment)
Girls’ Generation completed its third tour of Japan on Sunday, the K-pop group’s agency, SM Entertainment, said Monday.

The group kicked off the tour in Fukuoka on April 26, then moved to Hiroshima, Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka, Saitama and Tokyo.

It performed 17 times in the seven cities and attracted a total of 200,000 spectators.

The group’s last concert series took place in Tokyo for three days from July 11-13. In the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in the Japanese capital, the group performed 28 songs including “Gee,” “Genie,” “I Got A Boy” and “Mr. Mr.” for about three hours in each show.

In the Tokyo concert, the group sang “Indestructible,” a ballad off its upcoming album “The Best” to be released on July 23. It is the first time for the group to sing the new song in public.

Over three tours, starting with the first in 2011, Girls’ Generation has performed 51 times and attracted 550,000 spectators. The accumulated audience is the largest ever for a Korean female group.

By Ma Chay-jeong (joyma@heraldcorp.com)

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