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Kang Ji-hwan grilled for controversial photos with Filipina

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Published : 2014-07-11 16:24
Updated : 2014-07-11 16:32

Actor Kang Ji-hwan came under fire on Friday when a Filipina posted several pictures of Kang and herself in bed, on her Facebook.

The woman posted selfies with Kang, 37, who seems asleep. She also uploaded pictures of Kang’s sleeping face.

With the photos, she wrote “…Together sleep with Korean actor Mr. Kang Jihwan,” stirring up a myriad of fiery responses online. 

Kang’s agency denied all the rumors regarding the bed-selfie fiasco. The agency spokesperson told reporters, “The pictures were taken by the wife of a local tour guide in the Philippines while Kang was sleeping.”

The spokesperson said the agency could not blame the lady too much, because everything was a mere joke.

“The tour guide’s wife was very sorry (about the controversy) and promised that she will explain everything on her Facebook.”

Kang Ji-hwan flew to the Philippines on July 9 for an overseas photo shoot. The actor is scheduled to return home on Sunday.

Kang recently starred in KBS television series “Big Man,” playing the protagonist Kim Ji-heok, an orphan who suddenly becomes the elder son of a conglomerate family. Throughout the show, the Kim vies with Kang Dong-seok (played by Choi Daniel) for the love of the heroine, So Mi-ra (played by Lee Da-hee).

Actor Kang Ji-hwan (Joeun Saramdeul)

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