[SUPER RICH] Starstruck fans fuel royal fashions

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Jul 7, 2014 - 21:16
  • Updated : Jul 7, 2014 - 21:16
The word “fashion” in French connotes high society. Although the word is now more commonly taken to mean “a widely popular style,” its upper-class associations are what the public yearned for when it first came into use.

People still want to imitate the lifestyle of the upper class, and in some societies, the upper class is royalty.

For instance, in Europe, where there are still princes and princesses, the starstruck public is frantic to keep up with each and every detail of the fashions of royal families. 
The three daughters (front row) of the king of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, wear Pili Carrera dresses at their father’s coronation ceremony in April 2013.

One of the youngest royal celebrities who is fast gaining popularity is Prince George, the son of Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. From shoes to clothes, whatever he happens to be decked out in is guaranteed to be sold out.

And it’s not just George. Other royal offspring are also known for attracting fans, and in some cases, namesake brands.

In Greece, the Crown Princess Marie-Chantal Claire launched a luxury children’s clothing brand called Marie-Chantal in 2000. This luxury brand was created when the princess began designing clothes for her children.

The brand, which emphasizes elegance and refined beauty, is produced exclusively in the United Kingdom using only the finest materials available. Princess Estelle, the only daughter of Princess Victoria, the heir to the Swedish throne, as well as Danish royals, are among the clientele of Marie-Chantal.

Marie-Chantal’s success was partially fueled by the fact that the royal families of Greece, Sweden, Denmark and the U.K. are all connected by marriage. The Swedish high-street fashion brand Lively became popular among princesses in both Denmark and Greece because they are related by marriage.

The Spanish brand Pili Carrera is another brand that enjoys the patronage of European royals.

It was not created by royalty, but it has the reputation of catering to royal families ― mostly those of Spanish, Danish and Dutch descent. It is worn by Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia, the daughters of the recently crowned king of Spain, Felipe VI.

The Pili Carrera collection dates back to 1963, when the Carrera family began developing knitwear for children. Although the brand has not yet entered Korea, it operates in about a dozen countries.

In the Netherlands, all three of the Dutch princesses also have their own favorite brand. Princess Ariane is particularly fond of Supertrash, a highly acclaimed fashion brand that was established in the Netherlands. Supertrash designs are known for applying the sophisticated lines of adult collections.

Bonpoint, a children’s clothing brand in France that entered the Korean market in 2008, is also a favorite of the royal families in Europe.

In countries with more frigid weather, such as in Denmark, Princess Isabella and Prince Christian ― grandchildren of Queen Margrethe of Denmark ― wear Iceland’s iconic outdoors brand 66°North and premium ski wear brand Peak Performance. Peak Performance is also favored by the Swedish royal family.

Moncler, a global manufacturer of down jackets, has become a must-have luxury brand among the royalty of Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Monaco. Danish Princess Isabella and Prince Christian as well as their twin siblings Vincent and Josephine have also been often seen wearing Moncler.

By The Korea Herald Special Investigative Team

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