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Lee Hyori in distress due to reckless tourists

(Lee Hyori's blog)
(Lee Hyori's blog)
Korean singer, Lee Hyori, expressed frustration with tourists who think her private home is part of a “tourist route.”

Lee posted a long and heartfelt Tweet on Saturday, explaining her distress at the disturbance caused by curious fans and visitors to Jejudo Island.

“Dear tourists in Jejudo Island, I’m sorry but our home is not a tourist route. Our family is extremely distressed due to the doorbell and alarm that goes off tens of times day and night. Please excuse us although you may have lots of curiosity.”

Lee has been living on Jejudo Island since she married Korean singer Lee Sang-soon in Sept. 1, 2013.

“And just to note, you can’t see our home from the gates since it’s veiled by trees. So your trip would be fruitless. I’ll post more pictures on my blog so please don’t feel sad about it,” Lee added.

The K-pop diva opened a blog to share her life on Jejudo Island on May 27, gaining instant popularity among Korean fans.

By Ha Ji-won, Intern reporter (