SAWWAVE targets global wireless communication market

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  • Published : Jun 29, 2014 - 17:07
  • Updated : Jun 29, 2014 - 17:07
SAWWAVE, a local SME specializing in wireless hardware, is out for global expansion on the back of the support from the state-run Small and Medium Business Administration.

SAWWAVE’s patent wireless technology, called “electro-polarization,” is used for setting WiFi access points that support more clients than traditional wireless networks.
SAWWAVE’s synchronized orthogonal multi polarization antenna for u-Farm service in Hokkaido, Japan

Known for its practical applications for public facilities and online tools of learning at schools, the firm has been working with buyers from abroad such as Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, officials said.

“We’re regularly joining overseas exhibitions where the demand for our product and technology is high,” a SAWWAVE official said.

Most noticeable of the firm’s achievements is the “u-Farm” service in Hokkaido, Japan. The service is designed to lessen the elderly’s disadvantages followed by the lack of information and internet access.

SAWWAVE is also working hand in hand with the Japan Highway Public Corporation to introduce mobile WiFi service that enables simplified roaming and seamless handovers.

The firm’s patent technology has been recognized by the SMBA and was registered as one of the government-authorized, outstanding products in 2013.

According to the firm, the electro polarization technology is applicable, practically in all wireless devices such as smartphone, visual transmission system and WiBro.

SAWWAVE stresses the technology’s usage in WiFi AP, which allows wireless data transmission of up to 200 kilometers without laying a fiber-optic cable.

Simply put, it reduces cost and time of building Internet network, while serving more users with 200 to 400 percent faster data transmission than conventional wireless networks.

Established in 2011, SAWWAVE produces one of some 2,400 products that have been approved of their high performance by the SMBA. The firm was registered as the government-authorized, outstanding product by the organization in 2013.

Every year, the SMBA selects dozens of high-quality products from different industries, ranging from electricity to construction and medical instruments.

The SMBA offers an online platform for sales and carries out their promotional activities for broader market opportunities.

“Our primary job is to introduce these products to various government bodies, public institutions and foreign firms,” an official from the SMBA said.

The SMBA currently has about 565 member firms with 27 board members who have experience in the public sector as procurement officials.

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