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[팟캐스트](48) GOP 총기난사 사건

기사요약: 21일 동부전선 전방 22사단 부대에서 총기를 난사한 임모 병장은 자살 기도 직전 메모를 작성해 자신의 가족과 유가족에게 사과했다. 현재 군 수사관들이 임 병장의 총기난사 동기에 대해 수사 중인 가운데 임 병장이 선임병과 후임병으로부터 따돌림을 당했다는 추측이 나오고 있다. 군 내의 후진적인 병영문화에 대한 비판도 함께 나오는 시점이다.

[1] The captured sergeant apologized to his family and the families of the five soldiers who were killed in a shooting rampage last Saturday in a note he wrote right before he attempted suicide on Monday, the Defense Ministry said.

*apologize: 사과하다. (apology 사과, apologetic: 미안해하는, 사과하는)
*capture: 잡다 (=nab, apprehend, arrest, catch)
*rampage: 광란 (go on a shooting rampage 총기 난사하다/ go on a drinking rampage 과음하다)

[2] The 22-year-old sergeant, only identified by his surname Lim, underwent surgery for a self-inflicted gunshot wound between his chest and left shoulder, and was recovering at a hospital in Gangneung, Gangwon Province. Medical staff injected him with sedatives and put him to sleep to prevent contingencies.

*self-inflicted: 스스로 가한
*undergo: 겪다 (= go through)
*recover: 회복하다 (=recuperate)
*sedative: 진정제
*contingency: 만일의 사태

[3] "In a note, ... Sgt. Lim apologized to his own family and the bereaved families," said ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok during a press briefing. "He repented, saying that what he committed was huge."

*bereaved: 사별한 bereavement 사별 (bereaved families = families of the deceased 유가족)
*repent: 참회하다 (repentant for: ..에 대해서 참회하는, repentance: 참회, 뉘우침)

[4] Lim was captured alive on Monday after special commandos and his father and older brother persuaded him to surrender. Last Saturday, he detonated a grenade and fired some 10 shots in and outside his barracks, killing five soldiers and wounding seven others in his unit of the Army's 22nd Division near the eastern inter-Korean border.

*commando: 특공부대원
*persuade: 설득시키다 (persuasion: 설득, persuasive: 설득력 있는)
*surrender: 항복하다, 투항하다
*grenade: 수류탄 

[5] Local media reported that the note also indicated that bullying might have been a possible cause of his shooting rampage. He was reported to be on bad terms with his senior and junior colleagues, who treated him as an outcast.

*indicate: 나타내다
*bullying: 약자를 괴롭힘 (bully: 약자를 괴롭히다, 괴롭히는 사람)
*treat A as B: A를 B로 취급하다, 다루다
*outcast: 왕따
*on bad terms with: ..와 사이가 좋지 않은 (on good terms with ..와 사이가 좋은)

[6] Outmoded military culture is facing growing criticism as bullying is being cited as a possible cause of last week's shooting spree that killed five soldiers and wounded seven others in an eastern border unit.
*outmoded: 시대가 지난, 뒤떨어지는 (=out of mode, out of fashion, outdated)

[7] Despite the Army's efforts to stamp out bullying and other abuses in the barracks, observers say that such wrongful acts are still taking place in the military, particularly in border units where a strictly hierarchical culture prevails.

*stamp out: 근절시키다 (=wipe out, root out, remove, eliminate, do away with)
*abuse: 학대, 남용, 학대하다, 남용하다
*take place: 일어나다 (=occur, happen)
*hierarchical: 위계질서의, 계급에 따르는 (hierarchy: 계급사회, 체계

[8] "There are still those who we can call outcasts in the military. Those, who are designated as ones in need of extra supervision, are likely to become outcasts," said Song Hyeon-min, a senior official at an activist group, called the Center for Military Human Rights Korea. 

*designate: 지명하다 지목하다 (designation: 지명, 지목)
*supervise: 감독하다 (supervision: 감독) 



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