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What are 5 songs that IU enjoys?

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Published : 2014-06-25 17:32
Updated : 2014-06-25 17:32

What songs is the singer IU listening to these days?

Singer IU (OSEN]
On Tuesday, IU revealed five songs that she enjoys listening to through “Artist Playlist.”

On the list were g.o.d.’s “Return to Me,“ Yoon Jong-Shin’s “Red-Bean Sherbet,” Lee So-Ra’s “Track 9,” 15&’s “Suger” and History’s “Psycho.” Each song is from a different genre and by an artist from a different age group.

About g.o.d.’s song, IU said, “I listen to their song a lot. I love their music.”

About Yoon’s song “Red-Bean Sherbet,” she explained, “I love red-bean sherbet and I can taste it when I listen to his song.”

“Not long ago, I went to Lee’s concert. Her songs confuse me but give me a feeling of relief,” said IU.

She complimented 15& for their great singing skills.

She showed unusual affection for the group History, which is on the same label as her. She commented, “I have seen how they passionately prepared for the song and I want to cheer for them.”

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