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Is AKMU ugly?

Akdong Musician says “Comments on our appearance are the only place where our feelings do not get hurt.”

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Published : 2014-06-23 18:02
Updated : 2014-06-23 18:03

A pictorial of popular singer Akdong Musician and two rising models were released on June 19 through “Star Style” magazine “High Cut.”

The four have worked together before. Nam Juhyuk and Lee Haeun appeared in AKMU’s “200%” and “Give Love” music videos. 

AKMU did an interview during the pictorial shoot about the changes after winning “K-pop Star,” the stories behind their songs, and fans’ love and hateful comments.

Chanhyuk said, “After I appeared in ‘K-pop Star,’ I think I’m living in a totally different world. I feel like I’m in different dimensions of the world.”

“When I was young, I didn’t know that celebrities exist. I thought it was some form of animation,” Soohyun added.

Soohyun also commented on her thoughts about hateful comments regarding their appearance.

“The only hateful comment that we don’t get hurt by is those on our appearance. If the comment says ‘You are really ugly,’ then we laugh about it and even agree to it,” said Soohyun.

Chanhyuk uses his everyday experience as the background of his songs. He commented, “Every word that exists in the world is an idea.”

AKMU’s pictorial can be seen in “High Cut,” which was released on Thursday.

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