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Crayon Pop’s agency debuts male duo Zan Zan with ‘Chicken Feet’

By Korea Herald

Published : June 17, 2014 - 20:36

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Known for assembling quirky girl group Crayon Pop, Chrome Entertainment launched the new male duo Zan Zan with the debut single “Chicken Feet” on Monday.

Zan Zan consists of Yang Jung-mo, who starred on MBC’s audition program “Star Audition: The Great Birth,” and Park Min-goo. Unlike Crayon Pop or Chrome’s new girl group Bob Girls, the two members of Zan Zan are soulful ballad singers, similar to popular R&B duo 2BIC.
Zan Zan. (Chrome Entertainment) Zan Zan. (Chrome Entertainment)

Therefore, though its title may seem silly or even comical, “Chicken Feet” is actually a yearning ballad about a man who is filled with sorrow and pain after parting with his lover. “I’m not crying because of you. / I’m crying because the chicken feet are spicy,” the two croon sincerely in the chorus. Chicken feet is a spicy Korean dish often served alongside soju.

The song’s music video, also unveiled on Monday, further presents an odd mix of humor and soulful vocals, which seems to be the group’s concept. Though it looks like Zan Zan should be rapping ― given that they are decked out in black suits, hats, gold necklaces and sunglasses ― the duo goes against expectations by breaking into a heart-wrenching ballad about losing a lover while eating chicken feet and crying.

The twin sisters from Crayon Pop make appearances in the music video as well, with Choa acting as the consoling owner of the streetfood stall that sells the chicken feet, and Way presented as the former lover. At the end of the video, Choa wistfully watches the duo leave, heartbroken, as she reveals through a picture that she and Way are twins.

“Chicken Feet” was written by Eun Jong-tae, who has also produced Bob Girls’ new single “No Way,” rapper Yoon Mi-rae’s “Touch Love” and SS501’s “Because I’m Stupid.”

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