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Chinese fans craze for ‘Doctor Stranger’

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Published : 2014-06-09 16:24
Updated : 2014-06-11 17:06

Korean TV drama “Doctor Stranger” is gaining popularity in China as it is set to surpass 150 million views soon.

Chinese fans watch the drama starring famous Korean actor Lee Jong-suk through download sites and file share sites as it has yet to be broadcast through the country’s TV networks.

The publication rights of the SBS drama episodes have recently been sold to YOUKU, a Chinese online program service provider.

Currently, “Doctor Stranger” has released ten episodes and scored 123 million views on YOUKU and 25 million views on TODOU, another service agency, as of June 6.

YOUKU gave “Doctor Stranger” its best rating of 9.6, which SBS officials said shows China’s explosive affection toward the drama.

Media watchers said it was the actors’ skilled portrayal of story lines combining medicine, intelligence and drama strengthened the show’s content.

The drama’s producer Jin Hyuk is well known for his work on “City Hunter” and “Master’s Sun.”

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