Ruling party’s Suh wins cliffhanger election in Busan

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Jun 5, 2014 - 20:45
  • Updated : Jun 5, 2014 - 20:45
Busan Mayor-elect Suh Byung-soo kept the ruling party’s hold on Busan in a tight race against independent Oh Keo-don for the traditionally conservative region.

Suh, a former lawmaker with four terms under his belt, narrowly defeated the former Maritime Affairs Minister Oh with 50.7 percent to 49.3 percent. There was a difference of just about 20,000 votes. 
Suh Byung-soo

Oh had posed a significant challenge throughout the campaign period after he and the main opposition party New Politics Alliance for Democracy candidate merged their candidacies.

Some of Suh’s election promises were to create jobs, look after the lives of the citizens and protect the Busan citizens from danger.

Suh also promised to bring in a new airport and solve problems with the tap water.

“I thank the Busan citizens for their choice. I will also uphold the views of those who did not support me to make a united Busan,” Suh said in his acceptance speech after his election was confirmed Thursday.

“I will keep all the promises made during the campaign. I will become a mayor who creates good jobs, a mayor who protects the people and one that looks after the difficult lives of the people.”

Suh majored in economics at Sogang University before going on to receive a Ph.D. at Northern Illinois University in the U.S. After working at his father’s company, he served as a lawmaker during the 16th to 19th sessions of the National Assembly.

Suh is a known confidant of President Park Geun-hye, whose alma mater is also Sogang University. Some say that Suh’s win indicates a victory for Park,

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