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Donghae’s first appearance on ‘God’s Quiz 4’

Donghae, a member of the popular idol group Super Junior, has made an appearance on the OCN drama “God’s Quiz 4.”

Donghae was introduced in the third episode, which aired on June 1. He played the part of Han Si-woo, an elite graduate of Korea University’s medical school who joins the Korea University law office to solve mysteries with the main character Han Jin-woo.

Super Junior member Donghae in
Super Junior member Donghae in "God`s Quiz4" (OCN)

Concerns had initially risen among viewers about Donghae joining the drama, due to his position as an idol group singer and lack of acting experience.

Despite the concerns, however, Donghae’s debut on the drama was a success, with various local reports praising his developed acting skills.

Donghae turned himself into a passionate rookie doctor by skillfully using sophisticated medical terms in a stable tone of voice. In his interview scene, he shows the character’s passion toward being a doctor with lively face expressions.

Yet, Donghae was able to spice up the story with humor. In other scenes, he loudly greets his “mentor” Han Jin-woo and falls in love at first sight with his colleague Lim Tae-kyung, played by Jae-kyung of Rainbow.

Donghae’s developed acting skills are currently making many viewers anticipate his role in the drama. His love relationship with Lim and his role in helping Han are making the fans especially excited.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (

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