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Ha Yeon-soo kisses Kim Jong-guk on ‘Running Man’

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Published : 2014-06-02 13:20
Updated : 2014-06-02 13:20

Singer-entertainer Kim Jong-guk and actress Ha Yeon-soo. (SBS)

Actress Ha Yeon-soo kissed singer-entertainer Kim Jong-guk on SBS variety show “Running Man” on Sunday, trying to beat other teams in a pickled radish game.

In the game, two people hold each ends of a thin strip of pickled radish in the mouths and keep eating it toward the center. The couple left with the shortest strip wins the game.

“Please do not stop until I tell you to,” said Ha, 23, determined to beat the previous 4-millimeter record. The Ha-Kim pair won the game, with the actress’ lips just 3 millimeters from Kim’s to the point where the two could feel each other’s breath, making the 37-year-old singer “happily” embarrassed. 


Actress Ha Yeon-soo.

“You two squeezed the juice (from the pickled radish),” “Running Man” emcee Garry teased the victorious actress and singer.

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