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Published : 2014-05-27 20:48
Updated : 2014-05-27 20:48

4minute. (Cube Entertainment)
The five-member K-pop idol group 4minute recently wrapped up its first solo showcase in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday and became the first K-pop girl group ever to hold a solo concert in the country.

“4Minute Fan Bash in Stockholm 2014” was a small-scale showcase held at the Debaser Medis in the country’s capital and attracted around 1,000 fans from across Europe, including Norway, Finland, France, Germany and Italy.

Two days before becoming the first female K-pop group ever to host a solo show in Sweden, 4minute became the first to do so in Spain on Friday. As part of its European showcase tour, the group held its show at the Razzmatazz club in Barcelona, attracting another 1,000 fans.

Reports said that 4minute performed for more than two hours during each of the concerts and showcased songs off its latest EP, “4minute World,” as well as past hits including “What’s Your Name?” “Muzik,” “Heart to Heart” and “Hot Issue.”

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