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Sistar’s Soyou shares her secrets to perfect body shape on ‘I Live Alone’

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Published : 2014-05-26 10:10
Updated : 2014-05-26 10:10

Soyou, a member of K-pop girl group Sistar, on Friday revealed the secrets behind her curves on MBC “I Live Alone,” a reality show that unveils the lifestyles of Korean celebrities.

Soyou attributed her accentuated body shape to the so-called “inverted triangle diet” and a daily workout.

“I try to cook my own breakfast since I have to keep my dinner to minimum,” Soyou explained as she made several Korean dishes such as “cheese gyeran mari,” or folded egg, “kimchi jjigae,” or kimchi stew, and “japgok-bab,” or steamed rice with mixed grains.


During the show, Soyou was seen carefully organizing her diet plans to achieve her current body shape. Dubbed the “inverted triangle diet,” the diet involves eating the most amount of food in the morning, less during lunch, and the least in the evening.

In the show she said, “I eat a heavy breakfast. For lunch I have food with a little carbohydrate and mostly protein, and for dinner, I eat nothing but chicken breasts, fruit and vegetables.“

After a heavy breakfast, Soyou went to the gym and worked out for more than an hour, mostly doing non-cardio exercises such as deadlifts, side crouches and cattle-bell swings.

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