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리치한의 “Writing Tactics”

Outline Practice

To create the best possible short essay, you can also use outline tables. By filling in each box with a phrase or two, you will have a better understanding of what your final essay will look like.

Agree or disagree

The following example will have two model responses: one that agrees with the prompt and one that disagrees with the prompt.

Example 3

Agree or disagree: Parents are the best teachers.



Parents are the best teachers because
1.) they know you very well
2.) they have lots of experience

Body Section 1
Parents know you better than teachers because
1.) they have lived with you
2.) they better understand your interests

Body Section 2
Parents have much experience
1.) they are older and wiser
2.) children often follow their parents’ footsteps


School teachers can be helpful but parents have more experience and a better understanding.



Parents are not the best teachers because
3.) they are too close with their children
4.) parents aren’t trained teachers

Body Section 1
Too close to children
3.) teachers should have difference so they aren’t blinded by their love
4.) there will be less prejudiced treatment, more balanced education

Body Section 2
It prevents children from enjoying their childhood
3.) students won’t receive an education about all necessary topics
4.) what parents don’t know, the kids won’t know

Children can learn a lot from their parents, but they do not have proper training and are too close to their students.