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Korea expands global transport partnership

South Korea is seeking to expand its ties with other nations in finding transport solutions to global challenges such as urbanization and climate change.

A Korean delegation, led by Vice Transport Minister Yeo Hyung-koo, participated in the International Transport Forum, which kicked off its three-day program Wednesday in Leipzig, Germany.

The annual summit, which used to only convene European countries, now invites policymakers and industry leaders from 54 countries around the world.
Vice Transport Minister Yeo Hyung-koo
Vice Transport Minister Yeo Hyung-koo

This year some 1,100 people joined the event, under the theme “Transport for a Changing World,” where they discussed the role of transport policies for sustainable growth at a time of fast aging, urbanization and climate change.

Korea is also facing these issues, and the Korean delegation introduced its experiences and solutions to reduce emissions and other government projects using the nation’s advanced information and communication technology.

During the meeting of aviation ministers, countries discussed how to relieve surging air traffic, including expanding the capacities of individual airports.

Yeo, the Korean vice minister, presented on Incheon International Airport’s expansion plan, including building a second passenger terminal, new railways and roads and a second traffic center by 2017.

He also held a series of bilateral meetings with his counterparts from 10 countries, such as Indonesia, France and the Czech Republic. In the talks with German railway authorities, he discussed bringing competition into railway operations based on Germany’s holding-company system.

“It has become more crucial for countries to share information and join hands as mobility issues in a country affect not just the country, but also the whole world now,” Yeo said in a statement. “Through this forum, policymakers, academics and industry leaders renewed their commitment for cooperation.”

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