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Lee Young-ae not to star in ‘Daejanggeum 2’

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Published : 2014-05-20 13:22
Updated : 2014-05-20 13:22

Actress Lee Young-ae has decided not to star in the sequel to the television series “Daejanggeum,” known as “Jewel in the Palace.”

In the press conference for “Daejanggeum 2” on Monday, MBC revealed that Lee Young-ae had made her final decision not to star as Jang-geum in the new drama.

Lee Young-ae in Daejanggeum (MBC)
“Lee Young-ae was offered  the lead role in the drama, but ultimately rejected it,” an MBC official was quoted as saying. “However, "Daejanggeum 2" will be produced, nevertheless,” he added.

The second “Daejanggeum” was originally expected to be about Jang-geum’s story after she became a mother. However, due to her absence, the new drama might have a totally different concept.

“It can be a remake version of "Daejanggeum," or a new story with Jang-geum. We are also continuing our casting process,” the official was further quoted as saying.

Daejanggeum (MBC)
The popular drama was produced in Korea in 2003 and gained popularity worldwide as more than 80 countries broadcasted the program.

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