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[팟캐스트] (42) 북한 막말 비난 봇물


[기사요약] 북한이 한미 대통령에 대한 인종차별적이고 성차별적인 막말을 한 것에 대해 비난이 증가하고 있다. 북한은 지난달 한미 정상회담 이후, 양국 대통령이 북한의 4차 핵실험 가능성을 언급하면서 강력한 경고를 했고, 그 이후 막말의 수위를 한 층 더 높였다.

Criticism grow s over N.K. racist, sexist slurs

[1] Criticism is rising on the peninsula and abroad as North Korea continues to churn out a deluge of scathing invectives against the leaders of South Korea and the U.S. and other parts of what it calls hostile forces.

*criticism: 비난 (criticize 비난하다 = chastise, castigate, denounce, rebuke, censure, condemn)
*churn out: 계속 만들어내다. 생산하다.
*a deluge of: 매우 많은 양의 (=a slew of= a plethora of= a myriad of=a host of)
*invective: 욕설

[2] Pyongyang's state media is notorious for vitriolic remarks and warlike rhetoric against the allies. But its tone appears to have grown more hateful, especially since their summit in Seoul late last month, during which U.S. President Barack Obama warned the communist state against a fourth nuclear test, pledging further pressure and sanctions that have "even more bite."

*notorious: 악명 높은
*vitriolic: 독설에 찬
*warlike: 전쟁을 좋아하는, 호전적인 (=bellicose=belligerent)
*grow hateful: 더 혐오스럽게 되다.

[3] The official media has since called Obama a "monkeyish human monstrosity," and President Park Geun-hye an "old prostitute" who invited "her American master reminiscent of a wicked black monkey."

*monkeyish: 원숭이 같은
*monstrosity: 괴물처럼 흉물스러운 것
*prostitute: 창녀 (prostitution: 매춘, 성매매)
*reminiscent of: ..을 연상시키는 (reminiscence about …에 대해서 회상하다, 추억하다)

[4] "Park Geun-hye's recent behavior with Obama was like an immature girl begging gangsters to beat up someone she doesn't like, or a crafty prostitute eagerly trying to frame someone by giving her body to a powerful pimp," the Korean Central News Agency said after the summit, quoting the Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea in charge of cross-border affairs.

*immature: 미성숙한 (mature 성숙한)
*crafty: 술책이 뛰어난, 교활한 (=cunning, sly)
*frame: 액자, 테두리, 누명을 씌우다
*pimp: 매춘 알선업자

[5] Seoul and Washington officials dismissed the verbal attacks, with State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf condemning it as "disgusting." As the slurs become coarser, calls are growing for sterner reaction.

*verbal attack: 언어공격
*disgusting: 혐오스러운
*slur: 비방, 중상
*coarse: 거친
*stern reaction: 단호한 반응

[6] "Such crude racist and sexist language would not be tolerated from any other source," said Dennis Halpin, a visiting scholar at the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, in an article to the weekly Standard journal.

*tolerate: 참다 견디다, 용납하다 (견디다=endure, put up with, stand)

[7] "Has an American president, perhaps with the exception of wartime, ever been so demeaned by the official media of a foreign government? Yet the assumption in Washington seems to continue to be 'well, it's just the North Koreans again.'"

*demean: 품위를 떨어뜨리다
*assumption: 가정 (assume: 가정하다)