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리치한의 “Writing Tactics”

Short Essay

Unit 1: Essay Format

The short essay requires you to write 80 to 120 words about a particular statement. There are two types of statements: Agree or Disagree and Advantages or Disadvantages. For the first type, you will say whether or not you agree with a statement, and then give two supporting reasons. For the second type, you must provide two advantages or disadvantages for something.


Due to the short length of this essay, introductions should be no longer than one to two sentences. They should state whether you agree or disagree (or think that there are advantages or disadvantages) and then should state your two supporting reasons.

Example 1: Choose a position and write about the advantages or disadvantages of North Korea and South Korea uniting.

Sample Introduction

I don’t think that North and South Korea should unite because it would result in economic chaos and l

Student Format

I don’t think that (main point) because (supporting reason 1)
and (supporting reason 2) .