Science quizzes, political and economic research in art exhibition

By Lee Woo-young

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art showcases works by emerging young artists at the biennial ARTSPECTRUM exhibition

  • Published : May 7, 2014 - 20:16
  • Updated : May 7, 2014 - 20:16
An exhibition of young emerging artists underway at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art makes viewers wonder how far the spectrum of contemporary art can go.

Artist Song Ho-jun quizzes the audience at the end of his installation. The quizzes about frequencies for satellites put viewers in a state of confusion. The artist then tells them that the answers are in the information he posted on the exhibition wall.

The presentation on his satellite launch project that began in 2008 and ended in 2013 offers technical information needed to make a satellite on your own. His “Open Source Satellite Initiative,” which was completed with an actual satellite launch in April last year, seeks to share necessary technical information with those dreaming of independently launching a satellite one day. 
“Satellite Quiz Show: Communication Module Chapter” by Song Ho-jun (Leeum)

Artist Lee Wan shows video records of his journey to trace the origins of daily commodities in his “Made In” series. He examines the origins of such things as the ingredients in the carrot juice he drinks in the morning, a bag of snacks he eats and the jacket he’s wearing. He even visits the country of origin of each ingredient and makes the product on his own.

Among his other works on exhibit are a small jar of sugar syrup he made at a sugarcane factory in Taiwan and a silk jacket made with silk he produced at a local factory in Thailand. The artist learns about each industry’s role in the economic development of the country and the dynamics of international politics behind such industries.

The displays at the ARTSPECTRUM exhibition at Samsung Museum of Art are more than just art pieces. They take viewers on a journey into the imagination and curiosity of each artist. The biennial exhibition has served as a platform for young emerging artists with potential to present their fresh ideas.

This year’s exhibition showcases more artists than past editions. Ten artists aged between 29 and 40 were able to select a space where they could present their works effectively to audiences.

“The exhibition shows a variety of Korean contemporary art. The works are diverse in mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, media and performance. The subjects they deal with include relationships with parents, the world economy and politics,” said Koo Kyung-hwa, curator of the exhibition. 
“( )/form” by Jang Hyun-joon. (Leeum)

Artist Park Bona presents her close observation of TV audition programs and what happens after a contestant fails to make it to the end. She films an actor, a comedian and a singer who took part in auditions.

The performers offer anecdotes about their auditions and recreate their auditions in the films. Singer Oh Sang-a, who was among the finalists on “Voice Korea,” talks about how she lost a battle with a partner whom she had to do a collaboratation with and whom she taught to perform better. Comedian Lee Hyun-kee talks about a series of auditions he’s applying for, including one for major broadcasting network KBS, after his program at a cable channel was scrapped.

Artist Jang Hyun-joon presents a collaborative project with his father, who’s an architect. In the temporary structure designed and built by his father, Jang holds a performance in which he discusses his life in houses designed by his father. He crawls, rolls and jumps inside the structure as if he’s a child well aware of the hideouts at home. The performance is expected to be held only on weekends.

The exhibition ARTSPECTRUM runs through June 29 at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. For more information, call (02) 2014-6901.

By Lee Woo-young (wylee@heraldcorp.com)