Box Office: 10 Minutes, My Father's Emails, Han Gong-ju

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Apr 25, 2014 - 20:37
  • Updated : Apr 25, 2014 - 20:37
10 Minutes (Korea), Opened April 24

Drama. Directed by Lee Yong-seung. Ho-chan (Baek Jong-hwan) takes an internship position at a state-run agency, while dreaming of becoming a TV producer one day. He works hard as an intern, just as hard as full-time workers, volunteering to work overtime and even giving up his weekends to attend his senior colleague’s social gatherings. He feels conflicted when he is asked to work as a stable full-time worker, as he doesn’t know if the job offer is worth giving up his long-cherished dream to work in the TV industry.

My Father’s Emails (Korea), Opened April 24

Documentary. Directed by Hong Jae-hee. Filmmaker Hong Jae-hee’s personal documentary “My Father’s Emails” features the life of her late father, who sent her a total of 48 emails throughout the last year of his life. He shared his life story, from experiencing the Korean War (1950-1953) ― he was born and raised in Hwanghae Province, which now belongs to North Korea ― and the Vietnam War, up to what he saw during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Hong’s father was estranged from his two daughters. Hong also interviews her older sister, who moved to the U.S. to get away from their father because, among other reasons, he suffered from alcoholism and was often physically abusive. The film is noted for its brave, nuanced depiction of a family’s history, which is inseparable from the modern history of the nation.

Han Gong-ju (Korea), Opened April 17

Drama. Directed by Lee Su-jin. Han Gong-ju is a 17-year-old girl who starts a new life in a new school, leaving everything behind in her hometown. She makes new friends and begins to sing again, which she gave up after going through a traumatic event. But everything changes when the parents of her old classmates visit Gong-ju out of the blue. The debut feature by director Lee Su-jin won numerous awards from international film festivals, including Rotterdam and Marrakech.

Son of God (U.S.), Opened April 10

Drama. Directed by Christopher Spencer. This epic biblical drama features the life of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. It follows the life of Jesus from his miraculous birth to his visit to Galilee and his first encounters with well-known followers including Peter, James, John and Matthew. The film also highlights most of the miracles Jesus performed, including multiplying the loaves and fish, walking on water and raising Lazarus from the dead, before ending with his crucifixion and resurrection.

The Face of Love (U.S.), Opened April 16

Romance. Directed by Arie Posin. Five years after her husband’s death, Nikki (Annette Bening) is still mourning her loss. The grieving widow one day runs into Tom (Ed Harris), an art teacher who perfectly resembles her late spouse. She keeps returning to the museum where she first ran into Tom, and eventually follows him to a class where he teaches painting to college students.