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Loen Entertainment rolls out virtual signing event on 1theK facebook

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Published : 2014-04-14 15:35
Updated : 2014-04-14 15:35

Loen Entertainment has launched a creative signing event for K-pop stars on its 1theK Facebook account, the agency said Monday.

Upon clicking “like” for the “Wonderful Fan Signing Event” at, each user can choose between a video clip of K-pop singer IU or boy band B.A.P. 

In each video clip, the K-pop artists hold up the user’s Facebook profile picture and have a “mini concert.” At the end, the singers sign autographs with the user’s name and profile picture automatically printed at the top. 

“We started this event for our global fandom who are geographically limited in the opportunities to attend signing events for K-pop stars,” a Loen Entertainment spokeswoman said.

The event, kicked off on April 11, is expected to last two weeks, and a second round will take if the first is successful, she added. 

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