Samsung dominates key tech industries

By KH디지털2
  • Published : Apr 6, 2014 - 10:52
  • Updated : Apr 6, 2014 - 10:52
South Korea's tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. took up more than 20 percent of the world's market in its top four product lines for the second consecutive year in 2013, data showed Sunday.

Industry data showed Samsung's global market share in its color TVs came to 21.6 percent in 2013, edging up from 21.1 percent from a year earlier by shipping 53.1 million units worldwide.

Samsung also accounted for 27.2 percent of the world's mobile phone market last year, up 2.1 percentage points from 2012, by accounting for 556 million units of the 1.7 billion handsets sold around the world.

South Korea's No. 1 chipmaker took up 36.2 percent of the world's market for dynamic random access memories (DRAMs), still maintaining its top spot despite the figure edging down from the 41 percent posted in 2012.

Samsung saw its display panels' market share reach 20.4 percent in 2013, down 25.4 percent from the previous year due mainly to Chinese rivals quickly expanding their market presence.

In 2013, Samsung's mobile business saw its revenue reach 138 trillion won (US$130 billion), followed by its consumer electronics arm with 50.3 trillion won and its chip business with 37 trillion won. The display division took up 29.8 trillion won. (Yonhap)