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[팟캐스트] (35) 일당 5억 ‘황제 노역’?

법인세 탈루 및 횡령 혐의로 항소심에서 징역 2년 6월에 집행유예 3년, 벌금 254억원을 선고 받은 허재호 전 대주그룹 회장. 벌금 낼 능력이 안 된다며 교도소 노역을 택했다. 25일부터 노역을 시작한 허 전 회장은 노역 일당을 5억으로 판결해준 항소심 재판부 덕분에 50일간의 노역으로 벌금을 대신하고 있다. 이 사건으로 인해 법조계의 지연 및 학연 문제, 그리고 교도소 노역의 규정에 대해 비판이 끊이지 않고 있다. 대법원은 뒤늦게야 환형유치 제도에 대한 개선 방안을 논의키로 했다. 

Prison labor worth W500m a day?

[1]The top court said on Tuesday that it is reviewing plans to revise policies on labor penalties as online critics lambaste its light sentence for a former business tycoon.

top court: 대법원
labor penalties: 환형유치
lambaste 공개적으로 맹공격하다, 비판하다
sentence: 선고
tycoon: 거물

[2]The court decision to take stern measures against wealthy chief executives attempting to exploit legal loopholes for tax evasion is seen as a belated step in the right direction.

exploit: 부당하게 이용하다, 착취하다
loophole: 허술한 구멍, 허점
tax evasion: 탈세
belated: 늦은

[3]In December 2011, the Supreme Court upheld an appellate court’s ruling to sentence former Daeju Group chairman Huh Jae-ho to 30 months in prison with a three-year-stay of execution for tax evasion and embezzlement.

uphold: 이전 판결을 유지하다
appellate court: 항소법원
ruling: 판결
~months/years in prison: 징역 ~월/년
~year-stay of execution: 집행유예 ~년
embezzlement: 횡령

[4]At the time, the court said Huh would be subject to 50 days of labor in prison if he was not able to pay a fine of 25.4 billion won ($23.5 million).

fine: 벌금

[5]Under the country’s criminal law, defendants who fail to pay a fine are required to serve their term in a working prison for periods of less than three years.

defendant: 피고인
criminal law: 형사법

[6]Huh, who had been hiding out in New Zealand since the ruling, will be paying off his fine by working in prison for 50 days. The defendant returned to Korea on Saturday to begin prison labor, which mainly consists of jobs like folding paper bags and building furniture.

hide out: 숨다
prison labor: 교도소 노역
consist of: 구성되다

[7]But it remains open to debate whether the court is going easy on the former chairman, whose daily wage for his labor will amount to 500 million won. When national holidays are taken into account, Huh will be working for only 33 days in prison until May 9.

open to debate: 논란의 여지가 있다
go easy: 살살 다루다 
national holidays: 국경일
take into account: 고려하다 

[8]Huh’s daily pay in prison will be a record amount, about 10,000 times higher than the average prison pay of 50,000 won.

daily pay: 일당
record amount: 기록적인 금액

[9]It also exceeds that of business magnate Lee Kun-hee in 2008. If the Samsung Group chairman had declined to pay the 110 billion won in fines ruled by the court at the time, his daily pay for labor in prison would have come to about 110 million won for 1,000 days.

exceed: 넘다
magnate: 거물 

[10]Huh’s extravagant lifestyle as a fugitive over the past four years has also come into question.

extravagant: 낭비벽 있는, 사치스러운, 호화스러운
fugitive: 도망자
come into question: 문제가 되다 

[11]According to the news blog Secret of Korea, Huh ran a construction business in New Zealand and owns a luxury apartment in Auckland.

[12]Amid escalating controversy, the court officials explained that the high daily pay in working prison was inevitable due to his heavy punishment.

Escalate: 확대하다 증가하다

[13] “We’ll draw up all possible measures including revisions of the law (in order to prevent such unfair rulings from happening again),” the top court officials told local media on Tuesday.

Draw up: 만들다 마련하다 

[14]The Supreme Court will hold a meeting of chief justices on Friday to discuss relevant policies.





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