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RASKB talk to discuss Jejudo Island, Okinawa bases

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Published : 2014-03-18 20:50
Updated : 2014-03-18 20:50

Journalist and author Donald Kirk will compare and shed light on the protests against the military bases on Okinawa, Japan, and Jejudo Island in a talk for the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch in Seoul on Tuesday.

Kirk will draw upon his research for his latest book, “Okinawa and Jeju: Bases of Discontent,” to show parallels between Okinawa and Jejudo Island in terms of the protest movements against the military bases on both of them.

He will explore the controversies from all sides, based on interviews with officials, analysts, protest leaders and ordinary citizens.

The topic is especially timely in view of mounting tensions in the region over territorial claims, the RASKB said.

Don brings to this study a number of years as a journalist and author, reporting and writing from Korea as well as Japan. Previous books include: “Korea Betrayed: Kim Dae Jung and Sunshine,” “Korean Dynasty: Hyundai and Chung Ju-yung” and “Korean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era.”

Kirk has written for publications including the Chicago Tribune, the International Herald Tribune and Forbes, and also reports for CBS Radio.

The talk runs in the Resident’s Lounge at Somerset Palace near Anguk Station from 7:30-9:30 p.m. and is free for RASKB members and 7,000 won for nonmembers.


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