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N. Korea threatens to boast 'nuclear deterrence'

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Published : 2014-03-15 17:08
Updated : 2014-03-15 17:09

North Korea threatened to boast its "nuclear deterrence" if the United States continues to make "nuclear threats" against the communist nation, a possible warning of an additional nuclear test or long-range rocket launch.

The so-called nuclear threats from the U.S. have long been the basis for North Korea's development of nuclear weapons.

"If the U.S.'s nuclear threats and blackmail continue, the struggle of our military and people to strengthen our self-defensive nuclear deterrence will continue, and the (U.S.) should bear in mind that additional steps to display that might will also follow," the North's powerful National Defense Commission said in a statement.

The "additional steps" could be a warning for a fourth nuclear test or an additional long-range rocket launch, both of which are banned under relevant U.N. resolutions.

The commission also stressed that the North will not be the first to give up its nuclear weapons program despite the wishes of the U.S.

"(The U.S.) is holding on to some 'patience strategy' with the hopes that we will be the first to make a move and change, but in fact, we are the ones waiting with great patience for someone with a normal and realistic perspective and way of thinking to enter the White House," the statement said. (Yonhap)


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