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Anti-snoring bed unveiled at CES

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Published : 2014-03-03 15:40
Updated : 2014-03-03 15:40

There are already several machines that show people how they move around in bed, but there was one noticeable product displayed at this year’s CES in Las Vegas that promised more than others to help users get a good night’s sleep, according to the BBC.
The $8,000 “superbed” -- launched at the show -- is loaded with monitoring technology that connects to an app where all the information can be tracked and reviewed, the report said.

Sleep Number’s superbed is composed of two mattresses to help each sleeper get a better night’s rest.

According to the company’s explanation the bed monitors the entire body’s movements. Then, it can work out who’s who on the bed, so if one person has had a sleepless night, the machine can check if it was the fault of the fidgety person next to them.

If necessary, it can adjust the firmness of the bed on just one side, helping one person be more comfortable without disturbing the other.

On the other hand, it is also likely to delight those who share a bed with a snorer. By gently moving the snorer up and down, the bed opens their airways without interrupting their slumber, according to the report.

“That places a premium on the quality of sleep that we get,” Sleep Number was quoted as saying.


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