Facefeed ranks you based on how many strangers like your selfie

By KH디지털2
  • Published : Feb 26, 2014 - 16:35
  • Updated : Feb 26, 2014 - 16:35

A new app called Facefeed has launch that allows users to rank each other’s selfies.

Users can post selfies and look at other’s as well as chat with each other. The more people that chat with a user, the higher ranking that user receives.

Without a profile, self-description and space for likes or tags or other photos, users can look through the selfies of strangers, and message them.

“In real life, people get popular when a lot of people talk to them. In a similar fashion, in Facefeed your score goes up by a good amount every time someone talks to you, and also increases when you’re being social and saying hi to people,” Ben Cera, the app’s developer, said.

“It’s meant to connect you to people around you and make it a lot easier to start face-to-face conversations than in real life,” Cera added.

By Lee Shin-young, Intern reporter (