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[팟캐스트](27) 위안부 관련 조항 담은 세출법안 통과

[팟캐스트](27) 위안부 관련 조항 담은 세출법안 통과

[기사요약] 미 하원 혼다의원의 역사정의를 위한 노력이 위안부 관련 조항을 담은 2014년 미 연방정부 세출법안이 통과되면서 더 큰 힘을 얻고 있다. 세출법안에는 일본이 전시에 아시아 여성들을 성노예화 한 것과 관련해 사과하도록 압박하는 내용의 조항이 포함되어 있다.
Honda’s historical justice gains momentum

[1] U.S. lawmaker Mike Honda’s push for historical justice gained greater momentum last week with the passage of a spending bill that included a provision pressuring Japan to apologize for its wartime sexual enslavement of Asian women.

* historical: 역사상의, 역사의 (historic: 역사적으로 중요한, 역사에 남을 만한)
* passage: 통과
* apologize: 사죄하다
* wartime: 전시
* enslave: 노예화하다. (enslavement: 노예화 slave: 노예 slavery: 노예상태, 노예신분)
* provision: 조항 

[2] Albeit nonbinding, the provision brought fresh international attention to the women whose human dignity was trampled as they were forced to serve at frontline brothels by Japan’s Imperial Army during World War II.

* albeit: 비록 .. 일지라도
* human dignity: 인간 존엄성
* trample: 짓밟다
* force: 강요하다
* frontline: 전방
* brothel: 사창가

[3] President Barack Obama signed the bill for the fiscal year 2014 into law last Friday. It was the first time the issue of the victims, euphemistically called “comfort women,” had been addressed in U.S. legislation.

* fiscal year: 회계연도
* euphemistically: 완곡하게 (euphemism 완곡어법)
* comfort woman: 위안부
* legislation: 법 제정 (legislate: 법을 제정하다 legislator: 의원 legislature: 의회)

[4] Democratic lawmaker Honda of Japanese descent led the congressional efforts to attach the stipulation to the spending bill. It calls on the secretary of state to encourage Tokyo to uphold a resolution on the issue of sexual slavery.

* descent: 하강, 혈통 (descend 하강하다 ascend 상승하다 ascent 상승)
* congressional: 의회의 (Congress: 의회)
* stipulation: 규정
* secretary of state: 국무장관
* uphold: 받들다

[5] Honda proposed the resolution in 2007, calling on Japan to formally acknowledge, apologize and accept historical responsibility in a “clear and unequivocal” manner, and refute any claims that the issue of comfort women never took place.

* resolution: 결의안
* unequivocal: 명백한
* manner: 방식
* refute: 논박하다, 부인하다

[6] His House Resolution 121 also urged Japan to educate current and future generations about the “horrible crime” while respecting the recommendations of the international community regarding the victims.

* urge: 촉구하다
* horrible: 끔직한
* educate: 교육시키다
* recommendation: 권고, 권유
* victim: 피해

[7] Japanese right-wing politicians have long argued that their government did not directly coerce the young women into military prostitution, although a series of historical records showed they were collectively mobilized by Japan’s military authorities. Historians put the number of the victims at around 200,000.

* right-wing: 우파
* coerce: 강압하다, 강요하다 (coercion: 강압 강요)
* prostitution: 매춘
* collectively: 집단적으로
* mobilize: 동원하다
* put the number at ~~: ~~ 로 수치를 추산하다.

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