Samsung to scrap new employment plan amid criticism

By 정주원
  • Published : Jan 28, 2014 - 10:12
  • Updated : Jan 28, 2014 - 10:27
Samsung Group, the top South Korean conglomerate and one of the most preferred employers, said Tuesday it has decided to scrap the new recruitment plan announced earlier this month amid public criticism that it favored some universities over others.

Samsung had announced a new employment system from this year allowing local college presidents to recommend their students for jobs with the business group, a means it said would help to hire diverse array of applicants with varying talents.

While all of the country's colleges were to benefit from the system, the plan stirred criticism as Samsung allocated more quota to top-tier universities that are mostly located in Seoul.

The prestigious universities were allowed to recommend more than 100 candidates, while others were given only a handful of application sheets.

"We will scrap all of our new employment plan," said Rhee In-young, head of Samsung's corporate communications team. "We did not anticipate that the move would spark social concerns to this degree."

"Samsung, however, will continue to make efforts to improve the employment system while maintaining an open mind to hire talented candidates regardless of education, region and gender," Rhee added.

Samsung said it is also canceling the plan to impose stricter qualifications for those who wish to take the group's aptitude exam, the Samsung Aptitude Test.

Currently, all applicants who meet the minimum qualification are allowed to take the exam without prior resume screening.

The top market cap firm has initiated the changes in the hiring process as Samsung receives thousands of job applications each year. Last year, some 200,000 applicants knocked on the group's door, with most of them being given the chance to take the SSAT. Samsung has said that such excessive number of SSAT takers was a financial burden for both the company and the applicants. (Yonhap)