3 in 4 Koreans feel depressed at work

By KH디지털2
  • Published : Jan 21, 2014 - 14:51
  • Updated : Jan 21, 2014 - 14:51

Three out of four Korean workers suffer from work-related depression, according to a poll released on Monday.

Job search engine Career recently surveyed 752 Korean office workers on their experience with depression at work. About 75.5 percent of the respondents said they felt blue while in the office.

About 16 percent of the workers surveyed said stress from forming work relationships was the biggest factor leading to depression. Unsatisfactory working conditions such as low salary or insufficient welfare benefits came in second with 14.2 percent, followed by uncertainty over their job future (14 percent), bleak prospects of the company (13.8 percent), and heavy workload (11.1 percent).

Others also experienced feelings of depression when they their work does not reflect their interests (10.9 percent) or when the company environment and culture do not fit their characters (8.9 percent).

Symptoms of depression were various. About 23 percent of the respondents suffered from headaches and a lack of concentration, while 20.8 percent frequently pondered about changing their jobs. Other symptoms included insomnia (12.7 percent), feeling edgy (10.6 percent). 9.2 percent of workers said they battle the blues even on the weekends, and 2.6 percent acknowledged they felt suicidal.

In another study conducted by ISSP, it was found that only 69 percent of Koreans are content with their work, far below 81 percent, the average job satisfaction level of OECD countries. Research also showed that 87 percent of Koreans are consistently under great stress at work, while the OECD average stands at 78 percent.

By Ock Hyun-ju, Intern reporter (