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[팟캐스트](25) 영화 ‘변호인’ 흥행 돌풍

[기사요약] 영화 ‘변호인’이 개봉 한달여 만에 1,000만 관객 돌파를 눈앞에 두고 있다. 노무현 전 대통령의 변호인 시절을 모티브로 해서 인권과 정의를 조명한 이 영화는 노 전 대통령이 그 시절 맡았었던 부림 사건을 소재로 해서 많은 이들의 관심과 논란을 동시에 이끌어내고 있다. 
과연 역대 국내 개봉작 흥행 1위 자리를 지키고 있는 '아바타'를 이기고 1위 타이틀을 거머쥘 수 있을까? 

‘Attorney’ set to break 10m viewer mark
*Set to ~할 예정이다 (=expected to)

[1] “The Attorney,” a local film inspired by the early years of late President Roh Moo-hyun, drew more than 9 million viewers in the 25 days after its release, its distributor NEW announced. 

*inspired by: ~에서 영감을 받은
*draw viewers: 관객을 끌어 모으다 (Attract viewers)

[2] It has topped the local box office chart for four consecutive weeks, and is expected to break the 10 million viewer mark this weekend.

*top: 1위를 하다 (lead the box office, perched atop the box office…)
*consecutive: 연속. (Straight)
*break ~mark: ~대 (기록)을 깨다.

[3] According to the Korean Film Council, the directorial debut by webtoon artist Yang Woo-seok was watched by 9.26 million people as of Sunday, far outnumbering “The Suspect” and “Tarzan 3-D,” which marked 3.72 million and 345,000, respectively. 

*directorial debut: 데뷔작
*outnumber: ~보다 수가 많다 

[4] “The Attorney” is estimated to pass the 10 million viewer milestone by the end of this week to become the first Korean film to do so this year.

*milestone: (중요한) 기점, 시점

[5] The film, which premiered on Dec. 18, stars Song Kang-ho as a Busan-based tax lawyer named Song Woo-seok. 

*Busan-based: 부산에 있는 (the Washington-based firm, the Seoul-based research center…)

[6] The character ends up defending a group of young students who were wrongly accused of being communist sympathizers due to their possession of “politically unsound” literature and then tortured by interrogators under the authoritarian Chun Doo-hwan regime.

*end up: (결국)~하게 된다.
*wrongly accused of: 부당하게 ~한 혐의를 받다
*communist sympathizers: 공산주의 동조자, 옹호자..
*unsound: (이데올로기 상으로) 부적절한 (politically unsound: 정치적으로 부적절한)
*interrogator: 심문자 (interrogate: 심문하다)
*authoritarian: 독재주의적인

[7] The court case in the film is based on the actual “Burim case” handled by Roh when he was a lawyer in Busan in the 1980s.

*handled by: ~가 맡은, ~가 다룬

[8] Roh reportedly switched his practice specialty from tax law to human rights after handling the Burim case in 1981.

*reportedly: 전하는 바에 따르면, ~라고 알려져있다.
*specialty: 전공

[9] The film had already topped the local box office just two days after its release, and accounted for 34.6 percent of movie reservations over its first weekend. 

*account for: ~만큼을 차지하다

[10] In four days, it sold more than 1.2 million tickets. On Dec. 20 alone, it drew more than 540,000 viewers, the highest gross attendance for a single day in December.

*gross: 총 액수, 양

[11] Roh jumped off a cliff to his death in 2009, about a year after he retired from the nation’s highest office, amid a probe into a corruption scandal involving his family. 

*the nation’s highest office: 최고위 관직=청와대 대통령