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[팟캐스트](24) 박 대통령 "통일은 대박"


[기사요약] 박근혜 대통령은 신년 첫 기자회견에서 이산가족 상봉 제의, 통일 준비 강조, 경제혁신 3개년 계획 등 국정과제에 대한 설명을 했다. 특히 통일을 한국 경제의 ‘대박’이 될 것이라고 강조하며 통일을 위한 기초를 다져 나가겠다고 말했다.

Park looks to era of reunification 

[1] President Park Geun-hye on Monday proposed holding cross-border reunions for separated families in time for Lunar New Year’s Day later this month, expressing hope for fresh momentum to enhance inter-Korean ties.

* propose: 제안하다 (=suggest)
* in time for: ~~ 시간에 맞춰, 늦지 않게
* enhance: 향상시키다 (=improve)
* momentum: 모멘텀, 탄력, 가속도

[2] During her first press conference that focused on economic revitalization, social reform and security, Park vowed to begin preparations for reunification, which she called the “jackpot” to help Korea’s economy take another leap.

* press conference: 기자회견 (=news conference)
* revitalization: 활성화 (동사: revitalize)
* jackpot: 대박
* take a leap: 도약하다 

[3] The president also unveiled a three-year plan to reinvigorate the economy by eliminating abnormal practices in the private and public sectors, balancing domestic consumption and exports, reforming industrial regulations and through other measures. 

* unveil: 공개하다, 드러내다 (=uncover, reveal, disclose)
* abnormal: 비정상적인
* domestic: 국내의, 가정의
* reform: 개혁하다, 개혁
* measure: 조치 

[4] “(I) hope that separated families, who have waited for 60 years, can be reunited in time for this Lunar New Year’s Day (Jan. 31), and that the elderly can heal the scars in their minds,” Park said during the 80-minute news conference.

* separated families: 이산가족
* wait for: 기다리다
* reunite: 상봉하다
* heal: (상처를) 회복시키다 (=cure)

[5] “I wish that the North could get off on the right foot (with the South) through the reunions and forge a chance to build a fresh framework of dialogue for (better) inter-Korean ties.”

* get off on the right foot: 첫 단추를 잘 꿰다. 잘 시작하다.
* forge: 구축하다
* framework: 틀, 뼈대

[6] Later in the day, Seoul proposed to Pyongyang that the two sides hold a working-level meeting to arrange the reunions on Friday in Tongilgak, a building on the North Korean side of the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjeom.

* working-level: 실무의
* arrange: 마련하다.
* inter-Korean: 남북한의 

[7] The two Koreas last year agreed to hold the first reunions in three years after Korean Thanksgiving in September. But Pyongyang abruptly canceled them amid strained relations.

* abruptly: 갑자기 (=suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly)
* cancel: 취소하다 (=call off)

[8] Her proposal for the reunions came after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made calls for improved inter-Korean ties in his New Year’s address.

* proposal: 제안 

[9] Park said she welcomed the North’s peace gestures, but stressed that what matters was “sincere action” rather than words. The president also said she was willing to meet Kim at any time for peninsular peace, but reiterated that she would not hold any talks for talks’ sake.

* sincere: 진정의, 성의 있는
* reiterate: 재차 말하다.