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Wearable micro camera used in TOEIC cheating

Wearable micro camera used in TOEIC cheating

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Published : 2014-01-09 21:05
Updated : 2014-01-09 21:09

The Busan police have caught eight people using a self-devised miniature wireless camera and transmitters to cheat on the popular Test of English International Communication, or TOEIC, on Tuesday.

The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency booked two men identified by the surnames Jung, 33, and Lee, 31. The men, along with six others who purchased their devices, are suspected of obstructing business and brokering illegal devices.

With the miniature video transmitter installed in the collar of his jacket, Lee transmitted a video of his answers to Jung, who then relayed them to the six TOEIC applicants’ hidden earphones.

Cheating via smartphones is already a big problem for TOEIC and other test administrators. Jung attempted to formulate a scheme that took cheating a step further to avoid detection by using a cutting-edge wireless camera.

The six applicants paid 2 million won-4 million won ($1,880-$3,760) to cheat on the TOEIC exam held on Dec. 29. After their cheating was caught, all six applicants’ scores were canceled.

Many Koreans take TOEIC regularly as most local companies use the English proficiency test when recruiting new employees or considering employees for promotion. Experts argue that metal detectors should be installed for major tests including state exams for selecting government officials as new technologies allow for new types of cheating.

By Suh Ye-seul

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