[팟캐스트] (22) 계속되는 드라마 표절 논란

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  • Published : Dec 27, 2013 - 16:22
  • Updated : Dec 27, 2013 - 16:22



2013년 방송가엔 유난히 표절 의혹을 받는 드라마가 많았다. SBS '너의 목소리가 들려’와 tvN '나인’을 포함해 꽤 많은 작품들이 논란이 됐다. 특히 SBS '야왕'은 극본을 집필한 이희명 작가가 표절 의혹으로 한국방송작가협회로부터 제명당하면서 이슈가 되기도 했다. 전지현, 김수현이라는 호화 캐스팅에 시청률 20%를 넘나드는 SBS '별에서 온 그대' 역시 마찬가지다. 하지만 ‘별그대’ 제작사와 만화 ‘설희’의 강경옥 작가의 치열한 공방전에도 불구하고 2회 분만에 놀라운 시청률을 기록하는 듯 드라마는 승승장구하고 있다.

More TV dramas accused of plagiarism

*Plagiarism: 표절
*Accused of:~로 비난받다

[1] After only its second episode, the newly aired SBS drama “My Love from the Star” featuring popular stars Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun (Gianna Jun) has found itself wrapped up in a heated plagiarism controversy with an ongoing Korean comic book series titled “Seol Hee,” which is based on a similar concept to the drama.

*Featuring: ~주연의, ~가 출연하는 (starring)
*Found itself: ~하고 있다. (상황 표현)
*heated: 열띤 (heated controversy. Highly controversial)
*Ongoing: 현재 진행 중인. 연재되고 있는.

[2] “My Love from the Star” is based on the historical “Gwanghae Journal” from the Joseon era that referenced mysterious UFO sightings.

*reference: 언급
*sighting: 목격 (특이한 것, 잠깐 보는 것에만 사용)

[3] The TV drama adapted the tale into a show that tells the story of “alien” in the appearance of a human named Do Min-joon ― played by Kim ― who doesn’t age and has been living in Korea for the past 400 years.

*Adapt: 각색하다 (other meanings: 새로운 환경, 상황에 맞추다)
*In the appearance of: ~의 모습을 한

[4] The drama follows the life of Do, who is now living in present-day Korea, as he falls in love with famous, yet snobby actress Cheon Song-ee ― played by Jun.

*Follows the life of: ~의 이야기를 풀어낸다. Tells the story of, depicts…
*Snobby: 거만한 (cocky)

[5] The SBS drama has been accused of ripping off the concept from the “Seol Hee” comic book series by cartoonist and writer Kang Kyung-ok. After the airing of the drama, Kang publicly claimed the theft of her storyline on her blog.

*rip off: 훔치다, (rip somebody off: 바가지 씌우다)
*claim: 주장하다 (state, argue)

[6] “While the ‘Gwanghae Journal’ is something anyone can write about, the adaptation of the storyline of ‘a 400-year-old man who doesn’t age and lives in the present’ and a ‘story of lovers’ is what I wrote in ‘Seol Hee,’” she wrote.

[7] Kang went on to claim that she found at least eight points of similarity between the drama and her comic book ― a series that the writer claimed to have been developing for seven years ― including the use of a famous person, eternal youth, an alien, rebirth and others.

*develop: 구상하다, 이야기를 풀어나가다
*eternal:영원한 (everlasting)

[8] “Although the atmosphere, the male and female characters and the order in which events took place are different, the core of the story is far too similar,” she explained.

*core: 중심

[9] Despite public outcry by the author, a spokesperson from HB Entertainment ― the production company for “My Love from the Star” ― released a public statement claiming that the accusations are completely baseless and denied any knowledge of the “Seol Hee” comic books during the drama’s production process.

*outcry: 격렬한 반응

[10] “We did not know of the comic ‘Seol Hee’ and it was certainly not something that we referenced for our production,” said the HB Entertainment official in news reports.

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