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Students develop reusable notebook

Students develop reusable notebook

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Published : 2013-12-19 16:55
Updated : 2013-12-19 16:55

Resembling an old-fashioned notebook in appearance, a perpetually reusable notebook called “Wipebook 2.0” went viral on release after receiving an avalanche of support online.

The eco-friendly Wipebook was the brainchild of like-minded students who wanted to make as many notes and sketches as possible without filling up the wastebasket. Frank Bouchard and a group of MBA students at the University of Ottawa devised a prototype for Wipebook, allowing one to use special markers to make clean and easily erasable notes.

Version 2 of the portable notebook, an upgrade from its prototype, leaves no smudges behind when erased with its dry-erase marker and features a smooth surface that makes it feel like a pen is gliding over a sheet of ordinary paper.

The friendly learning tool comes with either blank, lined or grid pages. It is about 22 by 28 centimeters in size, has 25 double-sided pages and can be unbound for scanning.

The team started a Kickstarter campaign to collect the funding needed for the project, hitting their original goal of $4,000 in a single day. They are looking to collect over $200,000 by the time the campaign wraps up. In response to the explosive demand, there are plans to introduce a Mini-Wipebook at the end of January.

By Yoon Ha-youn, Intern reporter

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