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Cockroaches vacuumed up dinosaur dung: study

Cockroaches vacuumed up dinosaur dung: study

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Published : 2013-12-10 17:51
Updated : 2013-12-10 17:52

A new study by Slovak scientists suggests that ancient cockroaches lived on dinosaur droppings, according to Live Science on Monday.

Researchers from the Slovak Academy of Sciences made their discovery by accident while researching the diet of the extinct cockroaches of the Blattulidae species. Using 3-D imaging methods, they found particles of wood inside the cockroach’s gut that could be explained by a food link between dinosaurs and cockroaches. 

The researchers explained in the study that the insect possibly ate some feces of a herbivorous dinosaur in the Mesozoic era.

Some modern cockroach species continue to live on the droppings of birds and bats.

By Sung Jin-woo, Intern reporter

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