New layering ideas for spring looks

By Lee Woo-young

Seoul fashion designers present multi-layered looks for spring/summer 2014

  • Published : Oct 23, 2013 - 19:00
  • Updated : Oct 23, 2013 - 19:02

Steve J & Yoni P. (Seoul Fashion Week)
Korean womenswear designers presented new ideas for layering during the 2014 spring/summer Seoul Fashion Week as they incorporated lightweight fabrics as an add-on to their minimal, clean-cut looks.

Designers created their own images of a city girl on the go that ranged from romantic, sporty, modern to classical. No matter what the image, the practical, comfortable looks should be added to the shopping list for the next season’s wardrobe.

Organza, lace and shimmering fabrics were added on as the top layer of simple and modern tops, keeping the mood light and breezy for the spring and summer. Some of the standout looks included a long lace trench coat worn over a swimsuit; organza jacket sleeves; and a mesh cover adorned with small white beads worn over a sporty look. 

the studio K. Seoul Fashion Week
The studio K presented a mix of prints and fabrics in the show titled “Visualization of Sound.” Taking the sound wave of the brand name “the studio K,” designer Hong Hye-jin created prints of different sound wave shapes. “The wave of pitch, timbre and volume of the brand name are used in print pattern of the clothing,” according to the show note.

A laser show featuring electronic sound opened the show which was followed by a mix of prints and different fabrics that resemble the different sound waves on the catwalk.

Some of the standout looks included an oversize jacket with architectural organza sleeves that is paired with a print skirt and a vinyl oversized jacket worn over a stripe dress. 

LEYII. (Seoul Fashion Week)
LEYII by Lee Seung-hee featured many layered looks ― as many as two to three pieces in different fabrics ― inspired by a camera technique that superimposes an image on top of an already-existing image.

Punching details prevailed throughout the show from the lace punch mini dress to a lace punch wrap skirt worn over a regular skirt and on jackets.

The show started with black-and-white looks, but moved on to include more colors such as gold, yellow, purple and silver, which the designer calls “colors of the lights seen in superimposement technique.”

Backstage, designer Lee said, “There are many mixes. Lace punch goes on top of another print and so on.” 

how and what. (CFDK)
If the different mixes were for practical purposes or for new design purpose, designer Park Byung-gyu’s brand, how and what, created multi-layerings to express different emotions women go through from day to night.

“Variety is the highlight of the show. What I am trying to show here are the multi-layered looks that are not meant as a way for a woman to manage different temperatures in the morning and at night, but their emotions,” said Park backstage.

Park created his signature powerful women image using lots of glossy leather and black, but added chiffon, organza and lace to serve as a romantic foil to the sexy look. 

Steve J & Yoni P presented an image of romantic sporticism in their show. Keeping their upbeat, fun looks, the designer couple added mesh long tops and mesh blouses adorned with white beads to add romantic ambience to their sporty show.

The week long 2014 S/S Seoul Fashion Week ended on Wednesday.

By Lee Woo-young  (