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삼성 노트3와 갤럭시 기어 번들로 판매

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Published : 2013-08-22 11:18
Updated : 2013-08-22 13:06

삼성전자가 내달 베를린의 IFA행사에서 출시할 것으로 예상되는 갤럭시 노트3 패블릿을 새로 출시되는 스마트와치 갤럭시 기어와 번들로 판매할 예정이다.

눈에 띄는 기능은 없지만 실험적인 측면이 강한 디바이스임을 감안할 때 번들로 판매하는 편이 더 낫다는 의견이 지배적이기 때문이다. 

스마트 와치 (컨셉 이미지)

블루투스로 노트를 포함한 각종 삼성 디바이스와의 연계가 기어의 주요한 기능으로 꼽힌다. 전화기능은 탑재되지 않을 것으로 보인다.

가격은 미정이지만 노트3에 책정하는 가격보다 크게 높지 않을 것이며, 아예 1+1 개념으로 붙여서 판매할 가능성도 높다고 업계 관계자들이 전했다.

LG전자도 블루투스 기능을 탑재한 프라다 링크 스마트폰을 번들로 판매했었다.

삼성 외에도 LG전자는 G와치로 특허를 냈고, 애플은 i와치를 개발중인 것으로 알려졌다. 다만, LG와 애플은 올해 안으로 시중에 내놓기는 어려워 보인다고 관계자들은 전했다.

각사의 스마트와치에 탑재될 스펙으로는 NFC와 블루투스는 모두 탑재될 전망이다. 하지만 휘어지는 곡면 디스플레이, 이른바 플렉시블 (flexible) 스크린은 3사 모두 어려워 보인다.

건전지와 메모리 칩 등 주요부품의 몸집은 물론 휘는 기능도 있어야 하기 때문이다.

E-트레이드 증권의 김현용 애널리스트는 ”스마트와치 기술이 발달하려면 꽤 시간이 걸릴 걸로 보이지만 삼성으로서는 입을 수 있는 디바이스 영역에서만큼은 애플보다 앞서고 싶다는 욕심이 있기 때문에 그에 따른 결과물을 내놓을지 두고 봐야 한다,“고 말했다.

현재 LG의 G와치는 LG화학에서 건전지를 제공하고, 삼성 기어는 SDI에서 제공할 것으로 알려졌다. 애플의 경우 일본계 파나소닉이나 소니를 활용할 가능성이 높다. (코리아 헤럴드 김지현/신지혜 기자)

<관련 영문 기사> 

Samsung to sell Galaxy Gear in bundle package with Note 3 

By Kim Ji-hyun and Shin Ji-hye

Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Apple Inc., the world‘s top three electronics firms, are rumored to take their competition to the next level this fall in the emerging smart-watch market.

Each company is ready to release a smart watch -- Samsung with Galaxy Gear, Apple with iWatch and LG with GWatch -- most likely by the end of this year.

Samsung is to release Galaxy Gear at the upcoming IFA trade show during its “Unpacked Episode 2” event, along with LG, which is packing more ammunition on top of its well-received G2 and the G Pad, the new tablet it will unveil at IFA.

But industry experts believe the watches themselves are unlikely to tout any unique functions, at most offering a Bluetooth connection to the user’s main device.

For this purpose, Samsung will be unveiling Galaxy Gear as a bundle with its phablet Note 3, according to industry watchers. Previously, LG Electronics had sold the Prada phone in a bundle with a watch.

Galaxy Gear will feature a dual-core Exynos processor, 1 GB RAM, a 1.67-inch, 320x320 resolution display, a 2-megapixel camera, and Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

However, rumors have floated that the watch may leave out some important features such as phone and flexible display. U.S. technology media outlet The Verge reported Tuesday that the watch would not work as a phone.

Many industry observers also do not believe the phone will be flexible, mostly because other key components -- including the display, battery and memory chip -- are not advanced enough to support such a device.

“It may take some time for the smart watch to become advanced. Still, Samsung is seeking to occupy the market as the company has always been a follower of Apple in mobile technologies. Samsung wants to be ahead of the rival in wearable and TV products,” said Kim Hyun-yong, a researcher of E-Trade Korea, a Seoul-based securities firm.

”It will also take some for Apple’s iWatch to come out. It won’t be (released) this year,” Kim added.

Apple has long been rumored to be working on introducing an “iWatch.” It is said that the company had a team of 100 people working on a watch-like device, and has applied for the iWatch trademark in the United States.

Recently, Apple hired Nike product consultant Jay Blahnik to lead the iWatch.

According to the rumors, the iWatch is likely to adopt a flexible display and to work as an extended peripheral of iOS devices. For instance, it will reportedly be able to check messages and emails, and load fitness monitoring technologies.

LG Electronics, meanwhile, initiated the development early this year, undergoing tests with other arms of the group such as LG Display and LG Chem. Last month, LG sought eight trademarks, for the “G Watch,” “G Glass” and “Watch G,” among other names including the G Pad.

Some sources said although it is gearing up for the launch of the smart watch, LG is unlikely to unveil it this year.

LG already has some expertise in the likes of smart watches. In 2008, the company unveiled the LG Prada Link, a Bluetooth-enabled digital watch that can monitor its Prada phone calls as well as read SMS text messages. The following year, the company showed off its 3G watch phone LG-GD910 in Europe, enabled with a touch screen and video-calling capability.

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