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KARA to release new album in September

Girl group KARA is to release a new album in September.

DSP media, KARA’s agency, provided a glimpse of the styling for the upcoming album in a teaser image released on Monday.

The black-and-white album cover shows the five members dressed in black suits, sporting dishevelled, pulled-back hairstyles. The group has deviated from their usual sexy and cute look, moving toward a more androgynous, edgier vibe. 
KARA. (DSP Media)
KARA. (DSP Media)

The upcoming album will be the K-pop group’s 4th album release in Korea. Their last full-length release was “Step” in 2011. They released an EP, “Pandora” in 2012, making this album a much awaited return for the group.

“KARA spent a busy year on roles for dramas such as ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ and ‘Secret Love’ while working abroad, largely in Japan. While they were working they continued to come up with ideas for their new album,” DSP media stated.

An official date for KARA’s new release is yet to be announced.

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