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‘Popopo’ canceled after 32-year run

(MBC-Yonhap News)
(MBC-Yonhap News)

Broadcasting network MBC said it would cancel its long-running children’s show “Popopo,” which had produced many stars and enjoyed steady ratings from young viewers.

MBC said it will take the show off the air to promote “change and development of new early childhood education programs.”

Since 1981, “Popopo” has aired for 32 years, defending its status as the oldest children‘s program in South Korea. Its popular theme song is also widely known among both children and adults.

A number of female hosts emerged as stars through the show. Dubbed “Sister Pomi,” the host-turned-celebritiy list includes Chang Seo-hee, Jo Yeo-jeong and Na Gyoung-eun.

The 7,754th and final episode of the show will air Wednesday.

By Im Woo-jung, Intern reporter