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Kim Junsu to hold solo gig in Australia

Kim Junsu (C-Jes Entertainment)
Kim Junsu (C-Jes Entertainment)
JYJ member Kim Junsu is planning to hold an exclusive concert in Sydney, Australia on Sept. 28.

The singer’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, announced that Kim would be performing in Big Top Sydney, a multi-purpose venue capable of holding more than 3,000 people.

This will be the star’s first time performing Down Under.

Kim, 26, released his sophomore solo album on July 15, receiving rave reviews from within the country as well as abroad. On July 20 he started his Asia tour for the latest album, “Incredible,” traveling to Thailand and China, then coming back to Korea to perform in venues around the country.

“Junsu will finish his performance in Busan on Aug. 11 and continue participating in the musical ‘Elisabeth’ until early September. In late September we will continue with the tour beginning with performances in Australia,” his agency stated.

The K-pop star’s fan base in Australia is quickly increasing after appearing on Australia SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) in a program called “Pop Asia” last week.

Kim’s album is currently ranked No. 1 on eight different iTunes charts in different countries.

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